Siebel Institute Draught Master Program

October 30th through November 2nd, 2012
Siebel Golden Training Center - Denver
Draught (Draft) Beer Training

Master the art & science of excellent draught beer dispense with the industry’s most comprehensive professional-grade program for draught beer education.
The 4-day Siebel Institute Draught Master Program content emphasizes areas of beer dispense system design, tech services & sales support at retail “On-Premise”.

This is an important course for meeting the training needs & objectives for brewery, distributor, retail, & allied industry personnel including draught specialists, sales reps, managers, buyers, design engineers & professional brewers. Utilizing one keg per team of students, group discussion, lectures, and a team installation and troubleshooting format, the programs focus on theories and practical application of draught dispense science, simple physics and fluid dynamics, gas laws and chemistry, draught beer biology, basic math and mechanical principles, retail account draught tech and sales support, and client draught services management.

Martin Schuster
Martin Schuster
Martin Schuster is President of Draftek, Inc., a draught beer industry consulting and education services firm, and CEO and a Founder of The Draught Beer Guild, a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting and protecting quality draught beer. Martin is past President and a founding family member of AJEX USA, a supplier of draught beverage dispense equipment, installation and education services. Martin is the Siebel Draught Course Instructor and Draught Program Director.


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Jun, 15th - Jun, 18th 2015 Siebel Institute Draught Master Program Siebel Golden Training Center » Details
Nov, 3rd - Nov, 6th 2015 Siebel Institute Draught Master Program Siebel Golden Training Center » Details


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