Get ready to kick-start your brewing career

The World Brewing Academy (WBA) is an alliance established by Doemens Academy (Munich, Germany) and the Siebel Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA.) in order to provide students with a truly international brewing education. The WBA offers both online and campus courses and programs, and allows students to study at what are considered two of the world’s most prestigious brewing schools. By leveraging more than 100 years of tradition of both the Siebel Institute and Doemens Academy, students will be able to enjoy decades of accumulated brewing knowledge while obtaining a truly international learning experience.

Get prepared in the WBA’s fast-track educational style, so you can be ready to kick-start your brewing career in as little as 6 weeks. Come and join over 2,500 graduates that have been part of the World Brewing Academy.

What Makes our Programs and Courses Unique?

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What you get

We aim to educate not only for students to be able to get jobs in a brewery, but rather to both instill a deep understanding of science, and also teach students to think in solutions – whether it be problem solving or creative ingenuity. Our different approach is due to stepwise learning from the executive overview course (basic) all the way to the Master Brewer program (advanced).

It is your choice how to study at the WBA!

For the theoretical basics:

Intensive web based trainings from your home (or wherever you are) These lessons are always accompanied by experienced brewmasters and teachers available during online sessions and also via email.

Campus based courses taught in small groups.

A mix of both online and campus courses

For the practical orientated sessions:

Intensive practice after theory: the last 5 weeks of our International Diploma in Brewing Technology program and the last 13 weeks of our Master Brewer Program,  you will participate in advanced level practice courses in the Doemens Academy educational training facilities in Munich, one of the great brewing capitals of the world.