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The World Brewing Academy (WBA) was established in 2001 as an alliance between Doemens Academy (Munich, Germany) and Siebel Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA) in order to provide students with a truly international brewing education by combining the knowledge and expertise of these two long-standing educational institutions.

The core of the WBA approach is an intensive combination of theory and practice. Starting in at the Siebel Institute of Technology campus in Chicago, students obtain the necessary theoretical base that would allow them to better understand the brewing process. The program then takes students to the Doemens campus in Munich, where they can deepen this accrued knowledge and put into practice. This multi-national approach, supported by experienced brewmasters on both campuses, allow students the unique opportunity to experience different brewing cultures on two continents.

Chicago, United States of America

Founded in 1872 by Dr. J. E. Siebel, the Siebel Institute of Technology’s objective is, in the founder’s own words, to promote progress of the brewing industry “based on fermentation, which is done by instruction, investigation, analysis and otherwise.” True to this promise, the Siebel Institute of Technology rapidly became one of the world’s most respected brewing schools and analytical laboratories.

Today, the Siebel Institute of Technology is recognized as one of the world leaders in brewing education. As a forward-thinking organization with a global mindset, the Siebel Institute of Technology, in conjunction with Doemens Academy of Munich, Germany, created a joint educational entity with the goal to give brewers from around the globe the technical knowledge they would need in order to be fully prepared to solve the daily challenges encountered in the brewing industry. The result of this joint effort was the development of the World Brewing Academy, offering both dual-campus/ dual continent and web-based educational offerings, designed to offer students a robust technical brewing educational experience in a fast-track learning environment.

For more information, contact Siebel Institute of Technology at www.siebelinstitute.com.

Munich, Germany

The Doemens Academy in Munich was established in 1895 by Dr. Albert Doemens as a school for the brewing industry, and has since built a worldwide reputation as an international training institute for the brewing, beverage, and food sectors. Within the last four decades more than 3,000 Doemens graduates passed the Doemens state accredited Brew Master courses with success and took over responsibility in more than 80 countries. Additionally, Doemens offers a wide range of services like consultation, analysis, yeast bank and is the worldwide leading academy for the Beer Sommelier program. The Doemens Academy’s success is based on four strong pillars:

  • Highly qualified specialists: a team of brewing engineers, beverage engineers, chemists, laboratory technicians, manufacturing and automation technicians
  • Globally active Doemens trainer team and consultants, which work for companies on all continents
  • Worldwide unique technical training facility:
    • Complete malting line
    • Fully automated 5-hectoliter Steinecker brew house
    • Several 20-100 liter brewhouse pilot plants
    • Yeast propagation
    • Several fermentation/maturation/storage tanks (open vessel, CCT’s and horizontal tanks)
    • Filtration line
    • Fully equipped bottling line including bottle washing machine, glass and PET filling systems, labeler, packaging machines and inspection technology
    • Equipment for soft drink manufacturing
    • Distilling equipment
  • Modern chemical-technical and microbiological laboratories for training

For more information, contact the Doemens Brewing Academy at www.doemens.org/en/home.html.

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