Program Structure and Courses

The WBA advanced program learning structure is composed of a series of modules that make up the programs. Once a student completes a program of study successfully, the student will be awarded a certificate.

If a student decides to take only the first 3 modules, with a duration of 6 weeks on campus or 9 months online, and successfully passes all, they would be awarded the WBA Advanced Brewing Theory program certificate.

If students successfully complete the first six modules and pass all successfully, they would be awarded the WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology program certificate. This 12-week program takes students to both the Siebel Institute location in Chicago, U.S.A., and the Doemens Academy location in Munich, Germany.

For a complete and unmatched educational brewing experience, students may participate in the renowned WBA Master Brewing program, which lasts a total of 20 weeks. This program maximizes the advantages of the WBA dual-campus characteristics, delivering a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience and allowing students to enjoy two amazing brewing cultures.

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Entry level

Are you new to the brewing industry?
This course will teach the basics of brewery dynamics.

Intermediate level

Perfect your knowledge, prepare for advanced courses.
Obtain complete understanding of the brewing process, dynamics, and issues.

Advanced level

Become an expert in the brewing industry.
Gain unmatched theoretical and practical experience in brewing.

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