Beer Production and Quality Control

Beer Production and Quality Control picks up from the Raw Materials and Wort Production module to provide training in technologies from the completion of wort boiling and cooling through fermentation and maturation to the evaluation of packaged beer.

This module offers in-depth instruction in fermentation and maturation, including all aspects of yeast handling and performance. Extensive classroom time is dedicated to the science of fermentation and its role in defining many of the key attributed of finished beer.

This module also includes instruction in the process of quality control and assurance, ensuring that students understand the critical role that QA/QC plays in retaining the consistency and longevity of beer and other malt-based fermented products.

This module is also available for individual application. Students may take any of the advanced level modules as a separate unit, electing to complete the program at a later date.



On campus
3 months

Equivalent online duration

Clock Hours
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